Online Course: Digital Financial Services - Core Building Blocks for Success 30th April 2018


In spite of the promise of digital financial services (DFS), uptake and usage remains a huge challenge.  This introductory course helps participants understand the interplay between different aspects of digital finance ecosystems and the critical success factors that determine outcomes.  It covers the core of principles of agent network management, human centered product design and marketing and risk management.  The course provides practical insights that will enable participants build effective strategies, enhance operations and extend digital financial services to their clients, successfully.

Course at a glance:
Course at a glance: 

This is a 6-week online workshop, facilitated by our DFS experts. You will learn together with fellow industry professionals. The learning tasks are a combination of individual, team tasks and whole group tasks.

The work can be done in participants’ own time and space, but it is not ‘self-paced’. Because the workshop involves collaborative work, people need to tackle the same topics in the same weeks as other participants, and contribute to the teamwork by a shared deadline.

Week 1 – 30th April – 4th May 2018 - Introduction to Digital Financial Services

Week 2 – 7th May – 11th May 2018 - Core Principles of Agent Network Management

Week 3 – 14th May – 18th May 2018 - Human Centered Product Design

Week 4 – 21st May – 25th May 2018 - Rethinking Marketing for DFS Uptake and Usage

Week 5 – 28th May – 1st June - 2018 - Risk and Fraud Management in DFS

Week 6 – 4th June – 8th June 2018 - Reflections & Action Planning

Who Should Attend?
Who should Attend: 

This course is intended for professionals seeking to understand the core elements of successful digital financial services.  This includes existing and aspiring financial service practitioners, regulators/policy makers, donors/investors and other stakeholders.  It is a foundational course to other thematic courses at The Helix Institute.

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